Animal Instinct creates first annual “Turtle Derby” event for Newport Aquarium.

Capitalizing on the dichotomy of slow moving turtles and the extremely fast Kentucky Derby, we created the first annual “Turtle Derby” for Newport Aquarium, featuring turtles from a local reptile rescue.

Creating a city-wide buzz, we held the Turtle Derby on the same day as The Kentucky Derby on the plaza in front of Newport Aquarium. The event was complete with an “Oomp Pah” band and Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders to cheer on the turtles.

A local radio station covered the event live and the local CBS affiliate featured “racing” turtles each night on the news the week leading up to the event – with name, bio and photos.

Over 1,000 people gathered on the plaza to cheer on their favorite turtles with names like Pond Biscuit and Turtle Slew – and the buzz spiked attendance at the Aquarium the entire weekend. In addition, all of the turtles ended up being adopted out.

It was a fun, unique way to promote the conservation mission of turtles for the Newport Aquarium, help a local reptile rescue organization and provide visitors with an exciting – yes, exciting – experience to remember the Aquarium by.

Learn more about the Turtle Derby here.

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