Animal Instinct creates first aquarium “exhibit” – a virtual shark cage experience.

We launched our first “exhibit” by conceiving and bringing to life a virtual shark cage experience. Visitors entered a room where the walls were made up of shark cage bars.

The sidewalls were photomurals representing the underwater view from the each side of the shark cage.

The lights dimmed to the sounds of scuba respirators and the ocean from a diver’s perspective. A motion device was installed underneath the floor – at first giving visitors a sense of the cage drifting with the current. Great White sharks appeared and eyed the visitors in the cage before swooping in and banging against the bars. With each hit on the bar, the floor of the “cage” moved from the hit. Surround sound effects added even more realism to the experience. The Great Whites swam away as quickly as they appeared. The total running time was about a minute and a half to allow for efficient throughput of visitors.

Virtual Shark Cage for Newport Aquarium

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