Animal Instinct’s “Sammy the Shark” is featured on AZA’s Pizzazz Reel of great advertising.

We were the only ad agency in the country attending the AZA Annual Conference this year and scoring a win on their Pizzazz Reel.

It was a wonderful time and instead of exhibiting, we attended as many workshops and sessions as possible to immerse ourselves in the issues facing zoo and aquarium members.

The icing on the cake was seeing one of our television spots, “Sammy the Shark,” as part of the year’s “great advertising” in the Pizzazz compilation reel.

There were only 12 commercials featured from submissions around the country, so it was a great honor to be selected. Especially since it allowed us to continue our streak of being featured in Pizzazz for the third year in a row for our work on behalf of the Newport Aquarium.

It was also special in that “Sammy the Shark” was our first animated animal commercial. The animation was created by CGI artist Mark Cretcher of Command X, one of our production partners.

The making of Sammy the Shark

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