Mata Mata Turtle commercial selected for AZA reel of Best Advertising of the Decade!

One of our first commercials from our very first industry campaign for Newport Aquarium not only was selected for the AZA Pizzazz reel, it was chosen as one of the best commercials of the decade.

We’re incredibly excited. The Shedd Aquarium put the compilation reel of “Best Advertising” together for the AZA and also produces the Pizzazz reel.

The Mata Mata Turtle commercial was one of three in the campaign we produced for Newport Aquarium’s Journey of Survival exhibit featuring turtles from around the world. The Mata Mata commercial featured a Mata Mata turtle snagging a fish to the operatic tune of Carmen. After swallowing the fish, the Mata Mata smiles into the camera lens.

“Mata Mata” for Newport Aquarium

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