Alois Alzheimer Center
“We Make Each Moment Matter”

CLIENT: Alois Alzheimer Center
CAMPAIGN: We Make Each Moment Matter
OBJECTIVE: Create an emotional brand for Alois Alzheimer Center

We occasionally take on clients outside of the zoo and aquarium world. Our only caveat is that they help underscore our desire to market things that can provide purpose – and improve people’s lives and our society.

We were honored to work with the Alois Alzheimer Center. It was the first Alzheimer facility in the country 25 years ago and they’ve been pioneers in the care and treatment for the disease. They do incredible work – and it’s been a privilege to serve them.

They asked us to develop their brand. They are located in Cincinnati and have been at the forefront of dementia care internationally, but were relatively unknown in their hometown. They were also faced with a unique marketing challenge. When their patients leave, they never come back. Although Alois has been a pioneer, the rapid expansion of our aging population has encouraged senior facilities to branch out into Alzheimer care.

We developed a strategic marketing plan that targeted middle and upper income daughters and daughters-in-law ranging in age from 30 to 60 years old who were the “decision influencers” for treatment.

We also targeted the population of referring professionals – those engaged in the diagnosis of the disease and those engaged in the counseling of families. Our goal was to educate the community that Alois was one of the country’s leaders in the care, treatment and research of Alzheimer’s.

In developing the brand, we discovered that Alois has a simple philosophy regarding care. They believe that although dementia patients have lost sight of the past and are unaware of their future, they are not only very much alive in the moment – they can enjoy and celebrate each moment that makes up their day. They can still dance. Sing. Laugh. Love. They may be in their own world, but their world doesn’t have to be a sad place.

As an example, Alois has a special field trip program that takes patients to places like zoos and aquariums for the day. Upon arriving back at the institute after the day’s excursion, most patients can’t remember where they’ve been. But they are happy because the power of the experience still lingers within them. They enjoy every moment of their trip.

We realized that Alois’ care givers’ dedication to each patient’s overall wellbeing – and belief that each moment mattered to every patient – was what made their brand of care so special.

Alzheimer patients didn’t go to Alois to die. They went there to live.

We knew we had an opportunity to develop emotional advertising and apply our “tug test” process to the branding effort.

When we presented our first round of creative recommendations to the Executive Director of Alois, her eyes welled up with tears. “You get us,” she said.

Our branding effort included an aggressive public relations campaign as well as a multi-media advertising campaign in print, outdoor and television.


Alois Alzheimer Center. We make each moment matter.

We launched a print and outdoor campaign that was designed to make Alois synonymous with Alzheimer care and claim its leadership position.

PRINT (click to enlarge)

OUTDOOR (click to enlarge)

We also used print and outdoor to show Alois’ philosophy for care.

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Our television campaign was comprised of two :30 TV spots and one :60 spot. We shot two commercials in one day at the center.


The Farmer – A farmer remembers his tractor

The Dress – A daughter hopes her father can remember her one last time

The Dress – A daughter hopes her father can remember her one last time

The Alois Alzheimer Center brand connected emotionally with consumers and cemented its reputation as a leader with the community. Inquiries from all market segments rose dramatically and the center reached capacity. The TV campaign also won three national Telly Awards.