Tennessee Aquarium
“Penguins Rock”

CLIENT: Tennessee Aquarium
EXHIBIT: New Penguin Exhibit
CAMPAIGN: Penguins Rock
OBJECTIVE: Regain attendance

Animal Instinct Advertising began working with the Tennessee Aquarium in 2006. They were opening a new penguin exhibit called Penguins Rock.

We worked with the marketing department to develop the campaign’s big idea to not
only promote the exhibit, but also reposition the Aquarium:

It just got cooler at the Tennessee Aquarium.

The campaign was comprised of two TV commercials, two outdoor executions and two radio spots. One of the outdoor executions was specifically developed to target Interstate 75 highway travelers to Atlanta. The first TV commercial was developed to establish and promote the new exhibit. We commissioned a Jeff Beck rock song for its soundtrack.

The second commercial was created to promote the new penguin exhibit while also showcasing the rest of the Aquarium. This campaign ran in mid-summer and included a radio commercial to create a sense of urgency to see the exhibit before school started back up.

The campaign was credited with a 20% increase in attendance over the previous year’s levels.

The campaign won the first-ever AZA Marketing Campaign of the Year Award. It also received the Best of Show award at the Chattanooga Addy Awards.