Mermaid Shows

Mermaids are taking the world by storm throughout pop culture.  Some aquariums – Georgia and Ripley’s for instance – are realizing the benefits of Mermaids appearing in their tanks. But we think the opportunity is far greater.

Mermaids that merely swim and wave at visitors are a novelty at best. A Mermaid with a message – and a complete show that entertains and educates visitors about conservation can reinforce your brand’s mission while still driving attendance and providing visitors with a truly memorable experience.


Our special brand of Mermaid Shows are conservation-themed and completely turnkey with their own advertising campaign.  They are fully produced to magically entertain with story, dialogue, music and lighting.

We’ve partnered with the two leading professional mermaids in the world – Hannah Mermaid and Mermaid Melissa.  Hannah was the main attraction at Atlantis Bahamas and became their living logo before exploring new ventures as an award-winning underwater performer, marine-life activist, entertainer and documentarian. Her film Tears of a Mermaid is slated for release in 2014.

Mermaid Melissa began her career with a passion for animals and conservation as a trainer at Sea World.  She then became an expert free diver and developed the ability to hold her breath underwater for over four minutes.

Both Hannah and Melissa are veteran underwater entertainers with loyal followings who swim effortlessly in 62 degree wet suit environments surrounded by sharks. Their choreographed performances are graceful, mystical and highly entertaining.

Hannah Mermaid Video

Mermaid Melissa Video