Virtual Great White Shark Cage

We conceived and created our first exhibit experience in 2007 called the Virtual Great White Shark Cage. We designed it to replicate a shark cage dive amidst Great White Sharks. Visitors entered a dark room propped with aluminum cage bars and stood facing a large screen. Unbeknownst to them, the floor was a hydraulically driven platform that moved and shook.

Surround-sound effects of SCUBA regulators and ocean currents kicked on as underwater footage appeared onscreen. Great White Sharks circled and then attacked the cage bars with their jaws directly in front of visitors. When the sharks “hit” the bars, the cage rattled and the floor shook – creating the sense that the cage was moved by the impact and eliciting enough of a thrill that we had to install a “Caution: Thrill Experience” sign at the entrance.

The exhibit has been installed at two Aquariums.