Animal Instinct picks up 3 more First Place Traverse Awards for Newport Aquarium campaign.

After conceiving Newport Aquarium’s new highly successful Virtual Shark Cage Exhibit, it was icing on the cake to see the promotional campaign for it receive top honors at The Kentucky Tourism Council Association meeting. (Read more)

Animal Instinct secures movie star Josh Hutcherson to celebrate Shark Ray birthday bash.

To celebrate the birthday of Sweet Pea, the Newport Aquarium’s rare and hugely popular shark ray, we tracked down movie star Josh Hutcherson and asked him to visit the Aquarium and lead everyone in singing happy birthday to her. (Read more)

Animal Instinct creates Spaghetti Western commercial featuring Penguin hombre.

After introducing the Penguins’ Rock exhibit for the Tennessee Aquarium, our objective was to continue to promote the new penguin exhibit – but reinforce that there were other exhibits to see at the Tennessee Aquarium. (Read more)

Animal Instinct picks up Jeff Beck on lead guitar for penguin commercial.

When the Tennessee Aquarium created its Penguins’ Rock exhibit, they saw an opportunity to communicate the “rock” theme with rock and roll. (Read more)

Animal Instinct creates first aquarium “exhibit” – a virtual shark cage experience.

We launched our first “exhibit” by conceiving and bringing to life a virtual shark cage experience. Visitors entered a room where the walls were made up of shark cage bars. (Read more)

First documentary short film by Animal Instinct depicts historic conservation program.

Newport Aquarium made history with its first, extremely rare Shark Ray. She’s a crowd favorite named “Sweet Pea” and was one of the first Shark Rays on display in this hemisphere. (Read more)

Animal Instinct’s “Sammy the Shark” is featured on AZA’s Pizzazz Reel of great advertising.

We were the only ad agency in the country attending the AZA Annual Conference this year and scoring a win on their Pizzazz Reel. (Read more)

Animal Instinct wins 8 awards including Best of Show from Kentucky tourism council.

Newport Aquarium received eight Traverse Awards including Best of Show in the Kentucky Tourism Council Traverse Awards for Excellence In Tourism Marketing competition. (Read more)

Animal Instinct to develop Tennessee Aquarium campaign.

We will be working with the Tennessee Aquarium to develop both a new branding campaign and a new exhibit campaign for the Chattanooga-based Aquarium. (Read more)

Mata Mata Turtle commercial selected for AZA reel of Best Advertising of the Decade!

One of our first commercials from our very first industry campaign for Newport Aquarium not only was selected for the AZA Pizzazz reel, it was chosen as one of the best commercials of the decade. (Read more)